Name: James Fanshier
Nickname” Educator
Fight Weight: 170
Birthday: 11/30/71
Pro Fight Record: 19-12-1 NC
AM Fight Record: 21-2
Style: MMA, Sanshou & Wrestling
Education: BS Kinesiology, SJSU
Day Job: Middle School Teacher
Favorite Strike: Front Kick
Favorite Sub: sub due to strikes
Favorite TD: “The Claw”
Quote: Train to the best of your ability and the wins will take care of themselves.
- Jim Root, WVC Wrestling

Quick Bio

Road to the Cage

° 2011 - Gladiator Challenge Middleweight (185 lbs.) World Champion
° 2010 - Carnage Fight Team endless support Award
° 2006 - Gladiator Challenge Fighter of the Year 
° 2006 - Worsham’s Team X Lifetime Achievement Award
° 2005 - Teacher of the Year, Mitchell Middle School, Rancho Cordova, CA
° 2004 - King of the Cage Welterweight World Champion
° 2004 - Gladiator Challenge Welterweight (170 lbs.) World Champion
° 2003 - Gladiator Challenge Middleweight (185 lbs.) World Champion
° 2003 - USA Sanshou team member at the 7th World Games in Macau, China
° 2000 - IKF Sanshou Light-heavyweight United States Champion
° 2000 - USAWSA Light-heavyweight (179 lbs.) National Champion (Sanshou)
° 2000 - USH! Fighter of the Year
° 1999 - USH! Most Improved Fighter

James has taught middle school since 1998. While going to college he coached wrestling at Los Gatos High School.  When James stopped coaching high school wrestling to teach Middle School, he looked up his old West Valley College wrestling teammate Cung Le to join his kickboxing school.  Cung was an emerging kickboxing superstar.  James joined Cung Le’s Martial Arts Training Center to try out Sanshou.  Sanshou is a style of kickboxing that includes Judo or wrestling-style throws.  In James’s early kickboxing matches, his boxing and kicking skills proved wild and inconsistent.  However, his wrestling was strong and dynamic and he was able to pull out win after win.  Over time, training with Cung Le and the USH! Fight Team helped his kicking so that it became more consistent and powerful, despite still being a little wild.

In July of 2000, James fought in sacramento for the IKF US Amateur Sanshou title.  His wrestling was strong as usual, yet it was his kicking that helped him win the decision.  In early 2001, James made the decision to retire from kickboxing and work on being a dad.  James and Valerie moved to El Dorado Hills, CA to raise their new son.

By the end of 2001, James looked down at his new belly and committed to start working out again.  In his new school in Rancho Cordova, CA, a young seventh grader said to him, “Hey, Mr. Fanshier, you used to kickbox?  My dad fights in the UFC.”  As truth be told, Cal Worsham’s son was in Fanshier’s PE class.  James began working out with his new team, “Worsham’s Team X”.  Internally inspired to train and compete again, he asked Cal to get him a fight at the next Gladiator Challenge MMA competition.  James still gets down to train with his old San Jose teammates, Cung Le & Rudi Ott, as often as possible. 

In February of 2003, James claimed the Gladiator challenge middleweight title after being introduced to MMA only one year prior.  In June, James was unsuccessful in defending the Gladiator belt.

In June of 2003, James returned to Sanshou at the U.S.A. team trials in Atlanta, Georgia.  James earned himself a slot as an alternate on the U.S. Team.  Less than a week before the team was to leave for the 7th World Wushu championships in China. James got the call to fill in for an injured U.S. team member.  James was able to represent the United States at the World Wushu Championships.  James won his first match lost a close decision in the second round.  

After three losses in a row at 185: 2 title defenses and one King of the Cage show.  James was at another turning point of his fight carrier.   For him, the choice was drop to 170 lbs. or hang it up.  In February 2004, James won the 170-pound GC title.  James successfully defended his GC title 6 times.  On November 14th, James won King of the Cage Welterweight title by split decision.


James dropped the his 2nd king of the cage title defense in december of 2005. He also lost the GC title in December of 2006. 


Personal Interests

Being a dad, golfing, volleyball, working on the house, coaching wrestling.